Our Brand

Who We Are

Pali-Mart is a Palestinian inspired brand built to bring Palestinian culture to the world. Our main goal is to spread Palestine and Palestinian culture as far as we can reach while also building a community of love and unity.

Our Products

You will find that many of our products call for justice. Others utilize the iconic Palestinian kufiya pattern to showcase the beauty in the meaning and design. For the minimalistic type, you'll see we offer a variety of products for you as well. And for those looking for a laugh or gift idea, we got you covered too!

We literally have hundreds of products in our catalog that you won't find anywhere else. Guaranteed! Every single one of our products is an original design created by our team with love.

Our Promise

As part of our mission, we vow to give back a portion of every sale and we give you the power to choose where that money goes. Help bring social justice to oppressed people of the world, or help the fight against cancer, or help the conservation of the environment.

To learn more about our company, please follow this link to our About Us page.