Classic Palestine Black and White Keffiyeh - Bandana

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This is a keffiyeh bandana (approximately half the size of an original keffiyeh) donning the original Palestinian black and white color and style. This keffiyeh pattern has become synonymous with unity and solidarity for Palestine and its people. See our blog here where we go into detail on where the keffiyeh originated and how it became an integral part of the Palestinian identity. Get your's today and show your support for Palestine!


  • 100% Made In The Middle East
  • All-Season Wear
  • Multi-Purpose Use
  • Warm and Comfortable for Fall/Winter
  • Soft and Breathable for Spring/Summer
  • Highest Quality Fabric
  • Heavy Durable Cotton Material
  • High-Quality Embroidery


20.5in x 20.5in


  • Hand Wash
  • Cold Wash
  • Air Dry